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If you live long-distance, ground transport may be a more economical way to get your puppy home. The folks on this page have excellent reputations across the United States.  Because each transporter has different routes, please CALL IN ADVANCE TO BOOK YOUR PUPPY'S RIDE HOME. Your pup should be in a temperature-controlled vehicle with the driver, safely kenneld and carefully attended. NOTE: Please interview with your ground transporter so that you understand the entire process. Pup's Adoption Fee must be paid in full before pup leaves Burntwood's property.
A few of our Ground Transport Friends... 

MaryAnn, with her travel companion, "Molly"

Mary Ann: 740-236-0578
Offering very reasonable rates for puppy and adult dog transport, Mary Ann provides Door-to-Door delivery, is USDA Licensed, and INSURED up to $3,000 per dog. See website or call Mary Ann for exact delivery routes.  Mary Ann plans her routes in advance, so please call as SOON as you know when your pup will be ready for transport. Puppies are taken into her hotel room at night for safe, comfy sleeping and extra "snuggling" time while they prepare to meet their forever families.


Bill w/Angela, who built and maintains this site
Bill specializes in small breeds and bully puppies.

PET 48, owned by BILL TIMMONS of southern Florida, offering Coast-to-Coast, Door-to-Door Transport in 48 states. Bill has many years of experience with various dog breeds and rescue programs. He maintains an excellent reputation for his services and is happy to provide references.

Routes are carefully planned, so please call in advance.
772-349-3349 ,

I suggest that you obtain several REFERENCES before hiring a transporter.  There are MANY out there, but some folks "go the extra mile" to make sure your puppy is handled with TLC.


Lonnie always has time to "talk dawgs!"

Burntwood Bulldogs

Lonnie Ray:  843-639-7120
I prefer talking by phone,
not "computer"

Please CALL for Availability - sometimes I have dogs for adoption that are not pictured on this website.

My FACEBOOK page is always fun to watch.
I sometimes post puppies and adults there: