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Sires and dams are healthy OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOGGES with excellent temperament.  Your puppy is healthy when he/she leaves Burntwood.  Puppy adoption includes weekly de-worming starting at age 2 weeks, current on vaccines, eating dry dog food independently, socialized with our family and adult dogs.  Burntwood puppies are completely weaned and ready to go at age 6 weeks.  Please plan ahead for this time frame. 


SECURITY DEPOSITS are NON-REFUNDABLE, regardless of the situation.  Adoption Fee balance must be paid in full by Adoption Day.  If your puppy is being transported, your adoption fee must be paid in full in advance of transport day.  When your puppy leaves Burntwood property, he becomes your responsibility, whether you pick him up or a transporter brings him home.  Burntwood is not responsible for any expenses related to ground or flight transport.


PLEASE PROTECT YOUR PUPPY:  Your pup is at risk until he/she has received all vet-recommended vaccines.  Any location that welcomes pets can harbor diseases.  Please WAIT until until your puppy has completed all vaccines before taking him/her into public places that welcome other animals.  Please follow your veterinarian’s advice and instruction.


REGISTRATION:  Your puppy will come with registration papers.  Your puppy’s registered name must begin with the prefix “Burntwood.”  Our puppies are sold with full registration rights, but Burntwood does NOT guarantee that your puppy will breed and/or produce.  Please have your dog spayed/neutered at the age your veterinarian suggests.


You have 72 HOURS (including Adoption Day) to have your puppy examined by your veterinarian. IF your puppy is diagnosed with a heart, lung, liver or bone malfunction within the first 72 hours of adoption, you must contact Burntwood immediately.  Your puppy must be described in detail along with a clearly-stated diagnosis on your veterinarian's report.  If Burntwood's veterinarian agrees with your veterinarian’s diagnosis, we will discuss a replacement puppy or a refund the adoption fee, minus the non-refundable security deposit of $___________.00.  This health guarantee does not cover intestinal worms or parasites, mites, skin or eye-related conditions, or "outie" belly-buttons (umbilical hernia).  We will not refund veterinary, travel, or shipping expenses.  This health guarantee expires seventy-two (72) hours after Adoption. 


I understand this ENTIRE Health Statement / Contract, and do hereby agree to it.


Signed: ________________________________________ Date:  _____/_____/_____


Your Printed Name(s): __________________________________________________

Phone Numbers: ________________________________________________________

E-Mail Address _________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:  ________________________________________________________



Litter Birthdate:  _____/_____/__________

Pup's  Nickname, Sex, Colors/Markings: _______________


Sire:  ___________________________________

Dam:  __________________________________

Your puppy will be registered with the
IOEBA = International Olde English Bulldogge Association

Please CALL to reserve your puppy.  Your completed contract must accompany your security deposit to hold the pup of your choice.  Burntwood's mailing address will be given during the adoption "interview."

Lonnie always has time to "talk dawgs!"

Burntwood Bulldogs

Lonnie Ray:  843-639-7120
I prefer talking by phone,
not "computer"

Please CALL for Availability - sometimes I have dogs for adoption that are not pictured on this website.

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